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Give Your Audience the Best — for Less!

Find out why one professional movie critic describes CommCinema's outdoor movie
presentation as "Worthy of being called one of my top movie-going experiences.*"

LCD Image DLP Image

Instead of the low-contrast LCD projectors used by other outdoor movie vendors, CommCinema uses digital cinema projectors
featuring the same Digital Light Processing (
DLP®) technology found in the finest movie theaters.  Compared to the flat, washed-
out images  delivered by LCD, DLP projectors create brighter whites and deeper blacks for a much more natural, film-like picture.

Standard definition projectors lose a lot of detail

Full high-definition images deliver a picture which is up to six times sharper

While other outdoor cinema providers use standard-definition DVD players and projectors, CommCinema features state-of-the-art
 Blu-Ray players along with true high-definition widescreen projection systems to deliver images which are 13 times sharper.

Letterboxed images lose 25% of the resolution and sharpness on widescreen movies

With widescreen projectors, you get the whole image

Since the standard-format projectors used by other outdoor movie vendors lose 25% of their resolution and brightness when
 letter-boxing widescreen movies, CommCinema uses true widescreen projectors to give your audience the best possible picture.


Call CommCinema today to find out how you can get the best for less and see the difference for yourself!

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