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To ensure that you always get the highest quality, CommCinema makes all of its inflatable movie screens and
pre-wired equipment consoles here in the U.S., passing the savings on to you!  We're also authorized dealers
for the industry's finest audio & video components, giving you the best possible quality at a competitive price!

 Create Your Own Affordable Outdoor Movie System in Just Three Easy Steps!

Note:  on all orders, shipping will be quoted in advance for your approval, and then billed separately at cost.
You also have the option of just ordering a screen or AV package, or a complete system as shown below.

STEP #1:

Choose Your Complete Inflatable Screen Package (includes storage bags, anchoring system, and air blower)

Heavy-duty frame material durable enough for abrasive surfaces such as sand yet light enough for just 1-2 people
Self-standing frame: side supports let the screen pop up on its own while providing extremely high wind tolerance
● NFPA/CSPIA/HSC compliance
meets all fire safety & California lead-free standards  (unlike screens made in China)
Double-stitched seams with reinforced nylon thread: no "hot welds" which can separate, causing mold and mildew
● Machine washable, wrinkle-free
professional "DualVision" projection surface (suitable for front and rear projection)
Larger sizes are available along with daylight-viewable screens, quoted upon request. Call today for best pricing!

CommCinema Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen

Complete Inflatable Screen Package Options (with storage bags, screen anchoring system, and air blower)

STEP #2:

Choose Your AV Package (includes CineCase* portable projection console pre-wired with all AV equipment)

"Rainbow-free" DLP® projectors: the movie theater standard for true digital cinema and the best image quality
Real high-definition projection (not just "HD compatible"): 13 times sharper than standard definition projectors
●Widescreen format projectors:   no letterboxing, so widescreen movies are 33% brighter than regular projectors
The industry's highest-rated Blu-Ray Disc player, featuring USB support for pre-show sponsor slides and videos
The audio industry's "Speaker of the Year:"  professional Reference Standard full-range self-amplified speakers
Projection options include lens shift for the fastest/easiest way to align your image on screen before the show

TM is our lightweight portable equipment rack pre-wired with your projector and Blu-Ray Disc player
along with a USB-powered LED worklight and external pro audio jacks, for easy connection to your speakers.
Just place CineCase in front of or behind the inflatable screen, connect power and sound, and it's showtime!

CineCase Pre-wired Portable Equipment Rack

AV Package Options (with projector, Blu-Ray player, speakers, stands, cables, and equipment console)

STEP #3:

Upgrade Your System With Any of the Following Projector, Speaker, and Equipment Console Options:

  Upgrade your projector to "Full HD" 1080P (more than twice as sharp as regular HD)
Projector Upgrade Options for All AV Console Packages

  Upgrade to JBL Professional EON speakers, which are just as powerful but only weigh half as much!
Speaker Upgrade Options

OPTION 3:  Upgrade your CineCaseTM portable equipment rack to a CineCartTM complete portable projection console

CineCartTM upgrades your Blu-Ray player to 3D and adds a 10" widescreen LCD preview monitor, pro audio mixer, UHF
wireless microphone, external audio inputs & outputs (for connection to iPods, laptops, video games, cable/satellite
boxes, and an optional low-power FM transmitter for drive-ins), accessories drawer, and an all-terrain rolling storage
base.  Everything fits in a small truck or SUV for fast and easy equipment transport, setup, operation, and teardown.

CineCart pre-wired outdoor movie projection console

Projection Console Upgrade (adds 3D support, preview monitor, audio mixer, wireless mic, and much more)

3D projector & screen upgrades are now available. Requires custom quote, so please call CommCinema today!

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